Cloud Application Development Lifecycle



The stSoftware application life cycle consists of weekly incremental releases with stake holder planning and demostrations. The release cycle is two weeks from the planning phase to feature release, features are broken down into small enough tasks to be able to fit into the two week release cycle. This project management methodology is known as Agile/Scrum

Agile project management is broken up into three main phases:-

  1. Planning
  2. Development Sprints
  3. Release Sprints

stSoftware cloud systems have three main environments

Do you have a process to manage complaints?

Complaints Handling

stSoftware's complaints management policy is intended to ensure that we handle complaints fairly, efficiently and effectively.

We are committed to seeking and receiving feedback and complaints about our services, systems, practices, procedures, products and complaint handling.

Any concerns raised in feedback or complaints will be dealt with within a reasonable time frame.

People making complaints will be:

  • provided with information about our complaint handling process
  • provided with multiples

Updates for Tablet Devices

Simplicity and usability are very important to us here at stSoftware. To make your life easier we have optimised some of the layouts on your control panel for the iPad and iPhone screen sizes. 

Changes include: 

1. Moved Navigation buttons into top right section of screen on iPad. 



2. Changed the Menu on IPad and IPhone to be a drop down rather than extending the screen.

Image Two Before

Image Two After

3. Added spacing to margins to reduce clutter.

Image Three Before

 Image Three After

4. Added Shading and borders to various page menus to better distinguish between buttons and content

Integrated Demo App


A new Progressive Web App demo has been released. This Demo shows how a phone app can be integrated with a database giving powerful real-time mobile functionality. It is supported on both IPhone and Android. The Demo shows just a few of the possible features that can be implemented:

  • Uploading photos
  • Loading jobs
  • Site locations
  • Reporting on individual tasks
  • Answering questionnaires 

The Demo App utilises new technology and libraries such as framework7. 

More details about our progressive web Apps can be

Testing Simplified


The new Test tab is now available in the CMS and makes the testing process simple and easy. This incredibly useful tool allows the developer of a site to easily debug their product.  The Test Tab utilises QUnit Testing which is a powerful, easy-to-use JavaScript unit testing framework.


The Test tab is located in the top menu when creating a new CMS website page. Under this tab there is the title 'Setup'. This is where you can create tests. To create a test simply click 'Add' located down the bottom of the screen

Does stSoftware perform Data Protection Impact Assessments?


When implementing new processes which are likely to result in a high risk, stSoftware shall before the processing, assess the impact of the envisaged processing operations of the protection of personal data in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles. This assessment is to ensure the safekeeping of the data subjects personal information. The assessment will contain

  • A description of the processing operation and the purpose of this processing.
  • Evaluation of the necessity of the processing operation

Will stSoftware publicly notify of a Personal Data Breach?


stSoftware takes pride in its security policies and ensures the highest security levels for our clients' data. In the unlikely case of a data breach, stSoftware will follow the Australian government guidance to notify the data breach.


The notification form will contain

  • The nature of the breach, including categories, the approximate number of data subjects concerned and the approximate number of personal records concerned.
  • Name and contact details of the data protection officer. 
  • A description of the

Timesheet App Report


Timesheet App report allows users to regulate and monitor jobs assigned to them.

The Timesheet App is located under the Timesheets tab in the control panel. Clicking on Overview and then the Timesheet App link will cause a pop-up taking you to the application.

Timesheet Location DropdownTimesheet Location Link

The Timesheet App has 3 views:

  • The Calender View
  • The Data view
  • The Chart view

Transaction Search


How it works

The Transaction Report is a powerful and useful search tool allowing site Admins to keep tabs on any changes made across their system.

This tool allows Admins to clearly see what changes were made, when they where made and who made them. Having this clarity allows for better information management as specific changes can be tracked along with having the ability to pick and choose what information is relevant to you.

The Transaction page is located under Admin towards the bottom of the main menu. Under admin, Click on Logs

How to set up in memory database?



Many client systems have for a number of years used "in memory" or "private" databases for the engine/app layers. Private ( in memory) databases can be used for the engine and application layer databases which are effective static between releases. Private ( in memory ) databases allow for many performance enhancements and reduces downtime when upgrading servers.  Private databases should not be used for data layers ( ones that we want to keep data between releases).

Progressive Web Apps: Best of both worlds


Progressive Web Apps (PWA) offer faster, leaner cross platform (iOS/Android) app development with the look&feel of a native app but with the maintainability of a web site. PWA templates have been integrated into our CMS. PWA are a game changer for old native app development with it's lean low cost development life cycle, automatic security updates and rapid design tools. The user experience is smooth & consistent with offline access.

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